>What I hate or simply dislike about Brussels


As an expat myself I have quickly resented the differences between myself and the rest of the inhabitants of the new country that I embraced – Belgium. Living in the capital of Europe for the past 5 years, I have become more and more aware of the habits of Belgians or non-Belgians- “Bruxellois”.

 What I  hate or simply dislike about Brussels:

People crowding in front of the exit of the tram/ bus. I don’t get it! Why do we have to be crushed like some sardines or unable to get in the tram, only because a bunch of morons have decided that staying in front of the door is the best thing to do. People, there is plenty of room all along the tram’s corridor and there you don’t risk being asphyxiated. I am extremely frustrated about this, really!

In the morning, at the peak hours, it is simply impossible to get in  the tram or bus, only because the passangers sit in front of the exit. So you need to wait another 10 minutes, only because some people don’t have any bit of common sense and stay like statues in front of the door.

Some Moroccons/ Arabs that think if I am not an Arab, I am more likely to end up in their bed.  How many times did I hear this – “Mademoiselle, vous êtes charmante! Un café avec moi?”, “Franchement,  vous êtes ravissante!”- so many times, that I can’t count. The speech is quite polite, but these guys can be so aggressive in so many other ways. Just go out around de Brouckere area, on a Friday or a Saturday evening, and if you’re a girl you will be stopped at least 5 times by some insistent Arabs who will invite you out. And they do not take no for an answer. They will continue harassing you over and over again. Once, I was chased by a Moroccon guy for 15 minutes. I had to use violent language and ask the help of a police man, otherwise the guy would have followed me all over. A few weeks ago when out with my aunt, we were harassed by this type of guy for about 10 minutes.  After several unsuccessful attempts to speak with us, he decided to follow us. Only after we became “violent” in our gestures, did he go away. While waiting for the bus we watched him from afar and he was still attempting to harass passing women. Unbelievable!

Drinking beer in the means of transport, although forbidden. It is simply outrageous to see some drunken guys, spilling beer on the seats while laughing loudly.

Pissing all around. Do you need a wee and there is no toilet around? No worries, just find a spot and do the thing (if you’re a guy, of course). Well, after all Brussels is Manaken Piss’s city, the little statue –boy pissing for the tourists’ delight.

Stores closing at 18.30 and closed on Sunday. That is simply nonsense. As if everybody would finish work at 17 and that on Sunday we all sleep.

To be continuedWhat I love and respect about Brussels

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Author: Gabriela D. Spencer

I support you to Balance your overall Well-being, be it physical, emotional, relational or social through Life Coaching and Laughter Yoga. My aim is to ‘support you to help yourself’ as you are the only expert of your life. My interests include positive psychology, body-mind balancing techniques, stress management, well-being and connecting with one’s inner child. I am a Multi-potential and an ISFP (according to the latest tests, but who knows). I write and express myself whenever my mind is bursting with thoughts and emotions. Read me mostly in Romanian and sometimes in English.

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