>Smurfs in the living room


The presence of smurfs in the living room was reported this morning. The little blue creatures were seen dancing, racing, playing football and sunbathing. Books were removed and a whole shelf was taken and transformed into what will be known as the new Smurfvillage.


The Smurfs, or „les Schtroumpfs” in French, are those little blue creatures that enchanted my childhood and no doubt yours too. No higher than three apples, the smurfs live in the woods and most of the time they wear a white cap and white trousers. However Smurfette, the miss Smurf, wears a white dress which matches her white shoes. There is a Papa smurf, said to be more than 540 years old, a Baby Smurf who was brought by a stork from nowhere, a Poet Smurf in a quest for inspiration and for creation, a Greedy Smurf, who is obviously very greedy, and even a Cook Smurf. To meet the smurfs you can have a glimpse here – the smurfs website.

The smurfs were created by the Belgian ilustrator Peyo (Pierre Culliford) and apperead for the first time as secondary characters in the stories of Johan & Peewit (other comic characters), published in „Le Journal de Spirou”.
But soon after they became aware of their success, having their own comic albums and gaining international recognition. Now, besides the worldwide success and endless adoration, the smurfs also have a shelf in the bookcase of my living room, where a village gradually rises (thanks to Chris’s dedication).

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