Wake up, woman! Grow up!

The more I was listening to her complaining about her miserable life, the angrier I was getting as I could see how much she was digging herself into sorrow and covering herself with shit. I wanted to slap her, to shake her really hard and yell at her – „Wake up, woman! Stop whinning! „Your life is not that bad as you say so. You’ve achieved wonderful things! Stop making your life seem that hard, that horrible! You were used to living on satin cushons, have others solving your issues, not taking risks and not being responsible for your life! Grow up! So what you’re thirty and single? So what you’re getting divorced? So what you are not fulfilled by your job? So what you don’t have a car? It is not up to me to find solutions. Although I did it so many times! I am just sick and tired of giving you advice, finding alternatives and hearing you complaining all the time, despite of all my efforts! I am sick of trying to find solutions for you and every time have them thrown away for some stupid reasons  that you invent just to sabotage yourself and demonstrate how hard life is with you. It’s taking too much of my energy!I am sick of hearing you saying all the time – „Yes, but…”, „If I had this/ if I had”…

Although you don’t know it, YOU have enough ressources and abilities to make it through! Stop whinning! Stop making yourself miserable! Just wake up!

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