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>Collocation can be wonderful or simply. .. DISASTROUS

>New lease signed. New tenant for my old room found. Deposit recovered today at the bank after a complicated procedure. Hence, what was more difficult has passed. It is time to say “Good bye” and face with a smile a new beginning. Fingers crossed. Compared to the previous wonderful flat-sharing experiences, the collocation this year was extremely challenging. It required a lot of management skills and taught me a lot about people who are not always what they seem to be. Outdoor some of us can be lovely, fantastic, friendly, trust-worthy and energetic. Indoor the same people can be mean, greedy, lacking of respect, tyrannical, sometimes dishonest or simply ignorant. To deal with these kinds of attitude and behavior changes is really tricky, especially when the person in cause used to be a so-called friend or at least acquaintance. It is strange how sometimes you manage to get a long in a collocation with a person that you hadn’t previously met/known, than with somebody with whom you spent nice time in the past or you helped, hence you knew before. I learnt that we can NOT be loved by everyone (it is impossible) and that in order to avoid a conflict, it is better to face it from the beginning, hence generate it and solve it, at least when it is still not very serious. Small misunderstandings can create HUGE conflicts that can degenerate easily in intense animosity, to put […]

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>Time management eficace cand sedintele dureaza cu orele si computerul intra in greva subit

>De la o vreme, mi se tot reproseaza intr-una ca nu imi gestionez bine timpul. Nu stiu cum se face, dar ma regasesc cam des la birou la ore cand nimeni nu mai e prin imprejur sau, mai rau, acasa, in timpul we-ului, cu dosare si timp alocat pt lucru la nu stiu ce proiect. Pe vremuri, eram un trainee, fara prea multe responsabilitati. Iar de la trainee am trecut la angajat, cu acte in regula si responsabilitati si mai in regula. Insa, daca pe cartea mea de vizita titulatura ma indica drept Cordonator, de multe ori in birou sunt numita ca manager. Iar sarcinile sunt numeroase, pe masura celei de-a doua titulaturi. Ba mai mult, am multiple caschete, asa cum se zice pe aici, vezi Doamne, ai mai multe roluri in companie. Asa ca ma regasesc facand si alte lucruri, care au mai mult sau mai putin legatura cu proiectele mari de comunicare la care lucrez. O comanda de rechizite pentru birou, ba niste facturi de tratat, o sala de sedinte de aranjat si bineinteles rapoartele la timp de dat. Tine-l pe client fericit, sugestii excelente de ginit, la brainstorming sa fii creativ, cand iti gestionezi timpul sa fii inventiv. daca se poate, cu cinci maini si doua capete sa lucrezi, si vertiginos emailuri si analize sa tastezi, sa citesti un articol sau doua, iar pe blogul firmei sa mai scrii inca o intrare noua; in week-end sa fii […]

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