Optimise your Sleep

How rested do you feel in the morning? How energised do you feel throughout the day? And how easy is it for you to fall asleep?

If you are struggling with waking up in the morning, staying awake during the day or falling and staying asleep throughout the night, then this program on how to optimise sleep is for you.

Did you know that sleep is the foundation of your health and wellbeing? Nevertheless, sleep is usually pushed down in the list of priorities. The ‘Optimise your Sleep’ program will help you take ownership of your sleep and make it a priority.

The ‘Optimise your Sleep’ program comprises three parts:

  1. A ‘Sleep Fundamentals’ masterclass (4 hours) that will lay the foundations and fundamentals of sleep and will help you identify concrete sleep strategies to put into practice
  2. A follow-up ‘Sleep Consolidation’ workshop (1.5 hours) that will be organised one week following the ‘Sleep Fundamentals’ masterclass. This will allow you to follow-up on your progress, review your sleep commitments and get further support
  3. A One-on-One Coaching Session (1 hour) in order to tackle any individual obstacles related to sleep. 

More about the program:

  1. In the ‘Sleep Fundamentals’ masterclass (4 hours) you will:
  • Get a good understanding of sleep and its importance
  • Understand the science of sleep, sleep cycles and the impact of sleep deprivation
  • Learn how to prioritise your sleep in order to benefit your overall well-being
  • Identify sleep enemies and how to overcome them
  • Explore and identify concrete strategies to improve your sleep
  • Learn how to deal with insomnia 
  • Make a commitment to apply the identified sleep strategies
  1. In the ‘Sleep Consolidation’ workshop (1.5 hours) you will:
  • Review the sleep strategies and commitments that you identified in the previous session
  • Reflect on your progress with kindness to yourself
  • Tackle any obstacles you may have encountered
  • Identify new strategies, if necessary
  • Get support

3. The One-on-OneCoaching session (1 hours) will provide you with a safe space in which you can address any specific issues that you may have in relation to your sleep or the commitments that you took. The coaching session will be conducted according to the standards and ethics of the International Coaching Federation. The session will include a goal-oriented conversation, questions addressed to you by the coach, and actions and/or awareness that you will identify based on the coaching conversation. The coaching session will be confidential.

  • March sessions, in collaboration with Madame Papillon organisation:
    • ‘Sleep Fundamentals’ masterclass, (4 hours) on 8 March, 10h30-15h30, Zoom
    • Follow-up ‘Sleep Consolidation’ workshop (1.5 hours) on 15 March 15h – 16h30, Zoom
    • One-on-One Coaching Session (1 hour) to be scheduled according to your availabilities

Price: 120 euros

Online sessions

To register, please contact Madame Papillon at hello@madamepapillon.org

  • Next sessions to be organised: add your name on the waiting list