Hi there, I’m Gabriela

Life Coach, Laughter Yoga Facilitator, Trainer

My mission is to support your well-being through coaching, laughter yoga and training filled with ludo-pedagogy.

*Coaching: Do you need support with challenges that you are currently facing, be it in your private or professional life? Instead of ruminating the issues in your mind, accumulating stress and going into circles, how about reflecting in a coaching setting? The first 30 minute coaching session is free, same for the 15 minute intake call. Drop me a mail at gabrieladspencer at gmail.com to book your meeting.

*Laughter Yoga: Boost your well-being by joining the weekly online laughter yoga sessions via The Laughter Room.

*Training/ Workshop Facilitation: Learning while having fun should not be just a “nice to have”. Active pedagogy and serious games based learning (Thiagi games, gamified pedagogy) are the ingredients that I love to mix in the workshop or training facilitation for better retention, enjoyment and results.

A few things about me

I used to work in IT project management until I realised that ‘helping others to help themselves’ and achieving work-life balance were more important to me.

My interests include (positive) psychology, body-mind balancing techniques, stress management and connecting with one’s inner child. Writing is also an important part of my life and you can read me, either in English and mostly in Romanian.

And should you want to grab a coffee or a cup of tea together, just reach out.

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