Gabriela D. Spencer: Life Coach, Trainer & Laughter Yoga Facilitator

Hi there, welcome! I am Gabriela D. Spencer, life coach, laughter yoga facilitator and trainer enthustiastic about gamified pedagogy for adults.

How can I help?

*Life Coaching: If you’re looking for an Expert to tell you how to live your life, than coaching is not the answer. As a Coach, I am not an Expert, nor a Mentor, a Guru or a one-on-one Trainer. Coaching is not about giving you advice, nor about teaching you what to do. A Coach is at the same level as you.

Coaching is about a partnership that will enable you to find your own direction, your own answers, your own solutions, and your own choices.

A Coach is expert only in the coaching process. You, as a Coachee / Client are the sole expert of your reality.

I am available for coaching sessions , either for a one-off session or for a coaching track which includes several sessions, depending on the coachee’s journey.

Happy Hour Offer – the first two coaching sessions are free.

*Laughter Yoga: I am organising weekly online laughter yoga sessions via The Laughter Room, destined to promote well-being and support mental-health through laughter practice. I am available for facilitating laughter yoga sessions online or offline, for your team or family.

*Training/ Workshop Facilitation: Learning while having fun should not be just a „nice to have”. Active pedagogy and serious games based learning (Thiagi games, gamified pedagogy) are the ingredients that I love to mix in the workshop or training facilitation for better retention, enjoyment and results.

A few things about me

I used to work in IT project management until I realised that ‘helping others to help themselves’ and achieving work-life balance were more important to me.

My interests include (positive) psychology, body-mind balancing techniques, stress management and connecting with one’s inner child. With an artistic soul, I sometimes write, mostly in my mother tongue – Romanian and some of my articles can be found in the blog section.