When it comes to Burnout Prevention, have you ever asked yourself what is in your control?

If you are in Brussels tomorrow evening and you are interested in burnout prevention, join me at Brussels Imagination Club. I will be facilitating a 1,5 hour workshop on Burnout prevention: What is in your control?

I have been thinking about this workshop for quite some time, whilst reading through stress management and burnout related books. Is there anything we can do to prevent burnout and can we really prevent it? There are no magical answers or recipes, of course, because professional burnout is such a complex matter, depending not only on the person, but also on the work environment, work conditions, workculture and work leadership. Moreover, burnout responsibility does not lie only with the affected person, but also with the employer and ultimately with the society and its suport organisms.

Sometimes we can prevent burnout, especially if spotted at an ealier stage. And sometimes we can’t. However by focusing on burnout prevention before, by learning how to spot the alert signals that our body is sending to us, and by making some adjustements, both at personal level and organisational level, the consequences may not be that dramatic.

If you want to learn more, join me tomorrow at Brussels Imagination Club. I have designed an interactive and hopefully playful workshop session, despite such a serious subject. In this session, you will:

  • Gather awareness of the development of burnout and its symptoms.
  • Be aware of the alarm signals warning you of a potential burnout and identify some that are specific to you.
  • Identify at least three items related to burnout prevention that are in your control

What to expect?

  • A blend of theoretic concepts and interactive exercises
  • Body awareness
  • Self-awareness exercises
  • Lots of interaction

More information here: https://www.imaginationclub.org/brussels/burnout_prevention.php

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Author: Gabriela D. Spencer

I support you to Balance your overall Well-being, be it physical, emotional, relational or social through Life Coaching and Laughter Yoga. My aim is to ‘support you to help yourself’ as you are the only expert of your life. My interests include positive psychology, body-mind balancing techniques, stress management, well-being and connecting with one’s inner child. I am a Multi-potential and an ISFP (according to the latest tests, but who knows). I write and express myself whenever my mind is bursting with thoughts and emotions. Read me mostly in Romanian and sometimes in English.

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