If you’re looking for an Expert to tell you how to live your life, than coaching is not the answer.

A Coach is not an Expert, nor a Mentor, a Guru or a one-on-one Trainer. Coaching is not about giving you advice, nor teaching you what to do. Coaching is about a partnership that will enable you to find your own direction, your own answers, your own solutions and your own choices.

A Coach is an expert only in the coaching process, whilst you, the Client, are the sole expert of your reality. As a Coach, I will be holding a mirror for you, so you can see yourself where you are and via questioning, you can choose what path to take next.

I can support through coaching sessions, either for a one-off coaching session or for a coaching track which includes several sessions, depending on your coaching journey. The first two coaching sessions (30 minutes each) are free and you have the option to combine them in a larger session, if you would like. To book your session(s), contact me at gabrieladspencer (at)