You are the EXPERT of your OWN LIFE

Why letting others decide for you?

You are the EXPERT of your OWN LIFE. Hence, if you want to look within to find your own answers and make your own decisions on how to live your life, than coaching is the right answer for you.

Coaching is about a partnership that will enable you to find your own direction, your own answers, your own solutions and your own choices. You are in the driver seat.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for an expert, other than you, to tell you how to live your own life, than perhaps coaching is not right path for you.

The role of a Coach

A Coach is not an Expert, nor a Mentor, a Guru or a one-on-one Trainer. Nevertheless, there is a lot of learning that is going on and YOU are your own teacher. The coach is accompany and support you, through human presence, non-judgement, questions meant to bring you clarity or questions meant to help you design your own questions.

Coaching is not about giving you advice, nor teaching you what to do. The ultimate purpose is to bring you autonomy and unleash that potential that lies within you. By looking within, you will eventually find out in your own rhythm what else is possible for you.

Many people regard a coach as an expert in a certain field. Nevertheless, whenever someone gives you advice and solutions, this is no longer coaching, but consulting. A Coach is an expert only in the coaching process, whilst you, the Client, are the sole expert of your reality. As a Coach, I will be holding a mirror for you, so you can see yourself where you are and via questioning, you can choose what path to take next.

Choose to look within

so you can move forward

If you want to look within for your answers, I can support you through either a one-off coaching session or for a coaching track of includes several sessions, upon your request. The first coaching session (30 minutes) and the intake call (15 minutes) are free. Then it’s up to you to decide if you need further support.

How do we proceed?

We meet online via video-conference call or in the park or forest. You decide the length of the session (30 minutes, 1 hour, 1hour and a half) and the frequency of the sessions. Some people prefer a session every week, others prefer a session every two or three weeks or even once a month. You decide. You are in the driver seat.

In the intake meeting, we decide if we are a match and you state your general direction and objectives for your coaching journey. Take into account that your objectives may need a further exploring in a full coaching session or may shift in time.

After the intake meeting, we both sign a coaching agreement in which our roles will be clearly stated, together with the confidentiality of the sessions. Then we start the journey.

To book your free Discovery call (intake and free coaching session, 60 minutes), contact me at gabrieladspencer (at)

What my Coaching Clients say about working with me?

Life & Work Coaching, overall Wellbeing (emotional, social, physical, mental, relationships …)

“I have been coached by Gabriela and enjoyed her undivided presence, her deep listening skills and warmth that made me trust and open up quickly. She has the gift of identifying the hidden message, that what it is really about and is good company on the way towards developing my strategy forward. I can highly recommend her.”

Alice f., expat living in brussels

“Gabriela is a very empathic coach that welcomes you to the coaching sessions with compassion making you feel secure and not judged. She is fully present at the sessions with the capability to listen very carefully and pay attention to the details. She provides you the space to express your emotions and unblock your beliefs and negative patterns.

During our coaching sessions Gabriela was able to support me on the discovery of how my mental and physical wellness can have an impact in my relationships at work and in life.

Through her powerful questioning she allowed me to take personal accountability and co-create the necessary actions to improve my overall wellbeing, self-care and relationships towards others at work.”

S., expat living in Brussels

“Before starting the coaching sessions with Gabriela, I was running in darkness, not being able to see where I was heading. Once I started the coaching journey, I started to realise that I was no longer running alone, as Gabriela was running along with me, helping me to see what I needed to see. And session after session, I started to get more clarity on what was important for me and what I needed to do.”

Yoshiko, expat living in brussels

Gabriela is a dedicated and skillful professional coach. She is an excellent listener, able to break down complex subjects into ‘digestible’ items using a variety of coaching skills to empower people’s inner potential. She designs both individual coaching sessions and group-workshops sessions creatively. Her services are highly recommended!

Alessandra D., expat living in brussels

“The coaching sessions with Gabriela have truly proved how the words have power and how empowering it is to take the lead in our lives ourselves and make a decision for our growth.”

A., georgia

Coaching Credentials

Certificate obtained at Nova Terra Coach Training for succeeding and completing of the Phase 1 and 2 of the ACTOP Coach Program “Mastery & Art of Coaching”

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