Laughter Yoga

How often do you laugh? And how many times have you laughed today? Children can laugh even up to 200 times a day, whilst adults barely laugh 20 times a day.

Lost in our seriousness, we – the adults have forgotten how important for our well-being laughter is. Laughter supports our mental and physical health and it is a great way to create bonding.

Join me in ‘The Laughter Room‘ to practice intentional laughter and breathing exercises. The brain does not make the difference between a fake laughter and a natural laughter.

Do you need an energizer during your team meeting or are you looking for a way to boost the mood of your team, how about trying Laughter Yoga?

Not too sure about it? How about trying it out for free.

Laughter Yoga events

Join the online Laughter Yoga weekly session – “It’s Laughter Yoga time“, on every Tuesday evening (excepting some odd occasions when I am unavailable) at 19:00, Brussels time.

The first session is free. The second session can also be free. Same for the third and the fourth. However, out of solidarity, if you want to participate on a regular basis, please return your gesture and make a donation to the charity of your choice & send a screenshot to gabrieladspencer at

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What people say about the sessions at ‘The Laughter Room

It was a great gathering, a huge amount of dopamine, good mood and pleasant and useful movement. I look forward to the next meeting. Have a good day!!!

“It was amazing !!! Thanks a lot. We really liked it !! See you soon 🙂

“Good evening! I laughed to the max! I realized that laughter must be part of our lives, even forced and directed, if otherwise it is not possible! Thank you!”