>When the sun is covered by thick clouds, just dance!

>It’s cloudy today and it’s raining. It feels like automn, provided that it is the 1st of September. The sun is somewhere hidden, almost undetactable. Adieu soleil, already? Is there a sun anymore? But what really reminds me that there is still a sun behind those thick clouds is.. nor Chimay blue or Bacardi breezer (my favourite drinks). That thing is called dancing.

I started out dancing when I was around 4 or 5. I was at a party with my parents. Feeling lonely and being extremely shy, I took refuge on the side of the dance floor. Then I started hearing the rhythm and feeling it all along my body. I made a step at right and then another one at left. By the end of the night I was the attraction of the dance-floor. Ever since, when I feel down or extremely happy, I dance. It is about joy, about defeating sorrow, about encouraging myself or just to prevent depression or anxiety.

With the time, I changed, so did my dancing .. a voluptuous move of the hips, curves drawn in the air by smooth hand motion, a frenetic shake of the bum, contractions of the belly, shoulder up and down. And when you’re least expecting – a kick of foot on the floor and clap. Olé!

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