What annoys me when driving in Belgium

Is there a roundabout? Most of the Belgian drivers that I noticed in roundabouts do not indicate when they leave the roundabout. And to annoy me even more, recently a Belgian policeman told me that in Belgium it is not compulsory to indicate left when you drive around the roundabout and you intend to take the second or following exit.

Priority of right. This driving rule is applied in an ad-hoc matter. Sometimes it is respected and sometimes not. You never know when the driver coming from your right will apply or not the rule. Sometimes there have „give way’ marking on the lane coming from your right, but the driver just decides to apply the priority of right even if it is not applicable.

Or if the driver has indeed priority of right, just goes through the croasroad with high speed, not taking into account that he/she as well has to respect the priority of right and give way.

Drivers that decide that a roundabout is a croasroad. Many times I saw drivers going round a roundabout and then deciding to stop and give priority to cars entering the roundabout. So priority of right was applied when it is not supposed to.

Changing lanes on the motorway? Why should they indicate it? Many times I saw cars driving in front of me and not bothering to indicate when changing lanes. And if they do indicate, it only after they had engaged in chanding the lanes or already changed the lane.

BMW drivers. It may be just a stereotype, but most of the BMW drivers that I saw did something that could have jeoperdized the traffic. It is a powerful engine and they use it. They get really fast here and there, sometimes not even thinking that overtaking from right on the motorway can actually be dangerous or appearing out of nowhere from your left in front of your car may not give you enough time to break.

Cars that are getting too close to you. Oh boy, I just hate this. Ok, I understand when there is a lot of traffic, but when the traffic is reasonable and you still have that annoying guy who gets so close to you and breaks at the last minute at the stop, you are a bit annoyed.

Meiser rouundabout from Brussels. This is the craziest roundabout/crossroads crossed by tram tracks I ever saw. The traffic red lights sometimes are just making traffic even more difficult, whilst the circulation in the roundabout is at times, pure madness.

Motorbikers lacking patience but acting stupidly. I admit it, they can find their out easier in a traffic jam. But there is one thing when they pay attention to others’ cars, indicate and go through the cars and there is another thing when they find their out with speed and overtaking from right.

 And the list could go on.

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