Why do I still love Zakynthos?

Despite a long, frustrating and painful conflictual situation with a renown jewelery seller from Zakynthos, l actually remain a big fan of the Zakynthos island. This beautiful Greek island, third largest in the lonian see,  has so many things to offer. Here is why I love Zakynthos:

  • The beaches have such a fine sand and so lovely turquoise waters.
  • Zakynthos honey is the best honey I ever tasted.
  • Lesante Hotel was one of the best hotels I ever stayed with an outstanding service. Their meals were amazing and their breakfast and dinner buffets a continous feast.
  • The Greek Night meal and party at “The Sweet Revenge” restaurant was one of the best parties I ever been. Note for the teens: I like to dance, eat and drink responsibly.
  • Zakynthos is the only place in which I could dance on tables, beside the “Le Corbeau” in Brussels.
  • All the trips taken with Nefis Travel were amazing. We even took twice the same trip (The Blue Caves) just to redo the experience of the blue smurf waters.
  • Sea food is amazing and kadaifi is one of my favorite desserts.
  • The yoghurt is so tasty and I love it so much that all the yoghurt that I currently buy is “Greek style”
  • The olive oil produced on the Zakynthos island is as well one of the best olive oils I ever tasted. Every time we returned home with a huge 5 liter recipient. I still have some left in my kitchen.
  • The legends of the island are so beautiful. I enjoyed them every time during the trips we took with Nefis travel.
  • Xigia bay is a wonderful free spa experience. Who would have thought that collagen can be free?
  • Zakynthos is close to Brussels, just about 3 hours and a half flight.
  • I rode a horse the first time in my life on the Zakynthos island, at Athina’s (Athina and Dennis).
  • Vasilikos beach was so peaceful and the water so calm.
  • The scenery is breathtaking. Shipwreck beach seen from above is something quite special, especially if you visit really early in the morning before being invaded by the crowds. Although the most well-know, there are so many other beaches that are simply breathtaking.
  • The blue-caves ‘smurf’ effect is something not no be missed.

And the list would go on.

I will probably return for a forth and fifth time, but meanwhile I need to leave the “wounds’ to heal.

Author: Gabriela D. Spencer

I support you to Balance your overall Well-being, be it physical, emotional, relational or social through Life Coaching and Laughter Yoga. My aim is to ‘support you to help yourself’ as you are the only expert of your life. My interests include positive psychology, body-mind balancing techniques, stress management, well-being and connecting with one’s inner child. I am a Multi-potential and an ISFP (according to the latest tests, but who knows). I write and express myself whenever my mind is bursting with thoughts and emotions. Read me mostly in Romanian and sometimes in English.

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