Those simple little things

It is a glorious morning. Sun is shinning, making everything look more beautiful. The grass seems always greener in the spring, especially if the sun is shinning. It is starting to warm up. It feels warmer, both outside and inside, in my heart.

At work, whilst taking the elevator, I met the jolliest employee ever, spreading energy and good-mood. He seemed happy that I was not on Easter holiday like everyone else. Actually I had had some leave, but only for a longer weekend.

Anyway, it is amazing how one’s guy good-mood can spread positivity around. At least, it worked on me. If only there would be more people as merry and friendly as this guy. Life wold be more easy-going. Life would seem happier to many of us.

Hello Spring! Welcome back!

Author: Gabriela D. Spencer

Woman. Soul of an Artist. Writer. Wife. Dancer. Entrepreneur to be. Spirit. Light. Colour. Friend. Daughter. Sister. Thinker. Multi-potential. Multi-options. ISFP (according to the latest tests, but who knows). I write and express myself whenever my mind is bursting with thoughts and doesn’t give me peace. Read me mostly in Romanian and sometimes in English.

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