Do you really need me in your meeting?

I work with people living in different time zones than me: US, India, Asia. Sometimes I need to stay late at the office in order to meet some of my colleagues during the conference calls. I am ok with this as long as I get some notice, so I can arrange my schedule. But it really annoys me when people send me meeting invites for 11:00 PM or 01:00 AM one day before and have no clue why they are inviting me to their meeting. Most of the times there is not even an agenda of the meeting, just the dialing details. In these situations I decline politely and add as well the following questions: „May I kindly ask you the purpose of this meeting? Why do you think my presence is beneficial to your meeting? What is the expected outcome following this meeting?”.

And the even more annoying part is the type of answer that I sometimes get:  „Well, it is up to you if you decide participating to this meeting”. And then I re-state that I am declining the meeting. Beside, have no idea what is about and it is pretty damn late anyway.

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