Why flamenco?

A few years ago, I thought I would be unable to learn any flamenco step. It seemed too difficult, could not follow anything and my back and knees were hurting after my first flamenco initiation lesson. It turned out that the instructor was not not a good teacher. His dance skills were amazing but his teaching skills not suitable for beginners.

Meanwhile I decided to give it another chance and went to another initiation class. This is how I met Silvia Leon, whose teaching skills are amazing. She knows how to teach, after all she is a teacher in her daily life. She took us step by step, starting from the basics and patiently taking us further. Flamenco is not an easy dance. It entails a lot of practice, a lot of technique, so many rhythms and styles and it takes years and years of practice in order to feel and merge with the music and to be able to actually give yourself to emotions and dance them.

Flamenco is the dance in which the music follows the dancer. If the dancer goes faster, so is the music. Usually we are used as dancers to follow music. Instead the flamenco dancer creates the music and the rhythm. Of course, when his or her turn comes.

So, why do I like flamenco?

  • Because it is passionate, proud, conveys feelings.
  • Because pain can be translated into strength. Anger can be released.
  • Because it is technical, elegant, proud.
  • Because happiness can be shown in a sensual but very elegant way.
  •  Because I love playing with my arms, my wrists, my fingers.
  • Because I love including my dress into my dance.
  • Because it helps me learn and focus.

And a bit of flamenco dance with Silvia Leon:

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