Colourful Coaching: Add a little colour in your life and improve your overall wellbeing

I keep seeing Black Friday offers. Black Friday Discounts, Black Friday deals, Black Fridays limited offers. But why does this Friday have to be Black? Only because it is an imported marketing concept? Only because everyone does the same?

And if there are so many presents offered, why does this Friday have to be black?

For me the presents are not wrapped in black paper wrap. For me the presents are wrapped in a colourful, full of joy and life paper wrap. Presents are about sharing, about generosity, about appreciation and acknowledgement. Black seems to be too hostile, rigid and cold for presents. At least this is my perception.

That is why, I am inviting you and anyone you appreciate to add a little colour in your life with this Colourful Coaching Pack to help you improve your overal wellbeing by:

  • getting clarity,
  • honouring your needs,
  • making the right decisions for you
  • and by listening to your inner voice.

The Coaching process is a great framework to achieve this, as it is empowering and centered on you. Remember, in coaching, both client and coach are partners. The client is expert of her/his life, whilst the coach is expert of the coaching process.

Colourful Coaching Pack

With the Colourful Coaching Pack you have access to:

✔︎ Intake call (30 minutes)

✔︎ 2 FREE coaching sessions (1 hour)

✔︎ 8 coaching sessions (1 hour) – at a fair price set by you (according to your financial situation)

✔︎ Certified Coach, member of ICF

You can chose to expore your well-being, work, emotions, relationships, burn-out recovery, boundaries or any other area of your life.


  • Personal commitement
  • Willingness to progress
  • 1 session per week or every two weeks
  • If non-show, session paid at the full rate
  • A coaching agreement will be created
  • Sessions are confidential
  • Some sessions could be recorded for coaching learning purpose
  • Last session on 10 March 2022 at the latest

*This Offer is available until 30/11/2021, so, please, do contact me before. The last coaching session needs to be completed on 10/03/2022 at the latest.

Interested? Reach out at with your availabilities for the Intake call (30 minutes). After the intake call, you can decide whether to continue or not.

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Author: Gabriela D. Spencer

I support you to Balance your overall Well-being, be it physical, emotional, relational or social through Life Coaching and Laughter Yoga. My aim is to ‘support you to help yourself’ as you are the only expert of your life. My interests include positive psychology, body-mind balancing techniques, stress management, well-being and connecting with one’s inner child. I am a Multi-potential and an ISFP (according to the latest tests, but who knows). I write and express myself whenever my mind is bursting with thoughts and emotions. Read me mostly in Romanian and sometimes in English.

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