>Bulex – the place to BE, NOT

>On Saturday night was one of the biggest parties in Brussels. Close to Tour & Taxi, in Yser area, a couple of thousand youngsters, or even more, gathered to party all night long. At the beginning of every month, Bulex is apparently the place to be in Brussels. There are several rooms with various types of music: house, techno, rock, world music, and everybody wants to be there.

So I tried it – took a taxi, dragged my friends (poor Malcom) and we found ourselves THERE – in front of interminable queue. But it didn’t take long and we were IN – meaning “in the garden”. There, another two queues: to buy tickets, or to get cash. One ticket, 10 euros!!! At least a drink was included in the price. With the shiny bracelet-ticket decorating our wrist as if we were to be admitted to hospital, we got in. (Guess what? Another queue at the entrance). Then the shock! BULEX, the famous, coolest Brussels party – the so called place to be. Actually it was a dump. The “venue” was a huge deserted high-school, ruinously decorated with graffiti, pieces of garbage, posters and drawings. A real place for waste or to get wasted! The big walls once used to be white; in any case, the venue looked like the aftermath of a war, or something not too disimilar. In the long corridors, hundreds of students were walking like ghosts, hobbling around in their groups. The enormous amounts of ingurgitated alcohol (usually cheep beer which give them awful breath) combined with marijuana (or shit, in French) made them scary creatures. They all looked dirty, unwashed for weeks, with eyes unable to focus. The one and only toilet in the building was assaulted by the angry drunk zombies and was almost unable to be seen due to the thickness of the cigarette smoke. We wished we had been somewhere else. Well, at least the music was nice…

After wandering around, exchanging one room after another, we found shelter in the “world music” room. There, to our surprise, the usual dance beats were mixed with some Balcanic music. Some Romanian tunes were included too! Thus we tried to make abstraction of all those zombies around us and tried to have some fun. However, it didn’t last too long. The zombies were too scary, the booze too foul and we were tired. We departed, jumping in the first cab that we found.

Conclusion? As long as you are not a zombie, Bulex is definitely NOT the place to be. Such nice, cool music – what a pity.

Author: Gabriela D. Spencer

I support you to Balance your overall Well-being, be it physical, emotional, relational or social through Life Coaching and Laughter Yoga. My aim is to ‘support you to help yourself’ as you are the only expert of your life. My interests include positive psychology, body-mind balancing techniques, stress management, well-being and connecting with one’s inner child. I am a Multi-potential and an ISFP (according to the latest tests, but who knows). I write and express myself whenever my mind is bursting with thoughts and emotions. Read me mostly in Romanian and sometimes in English.

3 thoughts

  1. >Hi Gabby, How small is this world… I got to read your blog about the Bulex parties randomly… I must say even though the description is close to reality, I don’t share your judgement on the people and the place… That’s how the bulex is, it’s a concept party, eclectic, different, with a variety of music, arts and people… not only zombies 😉 Bulex is a lot of fun if you’re ready for it… now, can you guess who am I ? 😉 A.


  2. >Hey Anis,Nice to read you here. :)I agree with you, Bulex is a concept party and indeed it is utterly eclectic, so different of any party, with a variety of music, arts (I am not sure about that, maybe in terms of music, but otherwise … if throwing up is an art…) and not to mention people. But I still keep my opinion that a lot of Zombies can be found there, and I am not the only one to think this.I believe that all this cool concept is shadowed by some of the people & their behaviour there. To be honest, I was terrified by some specimens, although I enjoyed the music. Well, I do admit it, zombie people will always be part of the parties, but the way they were hobbling on those corridors struck me for life. :)))However, I take into account the possibility of giving a second chance. I just hope I won't get bitten and become a zombie as well. :)))


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